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My name is Erica Vigilante and I am a CG Creature Supervisor, working in the Animation/VFX industry since 2014.


In addition to a broad educational background in the arts,

I'm a experienced professional who had the opportunity to work in different team enviroments and across the feature film, game and commercials industry. 


I've mainly been based in London working between three of Europe's top VFX houses: The Moving Picture Company, Framestore and Double Negative. 

I love to use both my technical and artistic abilities, I am eager to solve problems myself with research and discussion with my team. I listen well and include suggestions for improvement in my work. 


My experiences have proven I'm a fast learner and I'm a passionate hardworker.

Me as Speaker

Erica gave an excellent talk on her experiences of working in the industry. Her knowledge of the subject area and pipeline gave invaluable insights to our students.


Her talk was peppered with stunning visuals, showing breakdowns of her work on Thor: Ragnarok.


She gave tips and direction on creating noticeable showreels. The students were engaged throughout. We can’t wait to get her back in!

Angus Luscombe MA, BSc (Hons), FHEA
Lecturer in Animation & Games

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